• Another title for Jasmin Ouschan

    Jasmin Ouschan (AUT) just won the women’s Euro-Tour in Portoroz, Slovenia with ... Read more

    Women_Winners Kopie
  • Grabe takes second in a row

    Denis Grabe (EST) has just won the Dynamic Billard Slovenian Open Euro-Tour even ... Read more

    Grabe Kopie
  • The incredible journey of Karl Boyes

    Great Britain’s Karl Boyes has been on a tough mission in this Dynamic Billard ... Read more

    Boyes Kopie
  • Brother-sister duel in the Euro-Tour

    The Dynamic Billard Slovenian Open had a novelty today: For the first time, brot ... Read more

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Darren Appleton, EPBF Player of the year 2013

EPBF Player of the Year 2013 Darren Appleton (GBR)

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